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over 1.1GW of renewable

energy projects


about us

African Clean Energy Developments (Pty) Ltd (“ACED”) is a South African registered company dedicated to the development of renewable energy projects in southern Africa. The business is based in Cape Town, has been in operation since 2008 and is at the forefront of the industry in South Africa with the ACED team having successfully developed (either operating or under construction) over 1.2GW of renewable energy projects in the Department of Energy’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (“REIPPPP”): over 715MW wind and over 473MW solar PV.

This track record of installed capacity ranks ACED as the most successful renewable energy developer in the South African market to date and corresponds to the ACED team having played a key role in unlocking renewable energy developments with a capex value of over R20bil (US$1.5bil).

ACED is majority owned by African Infrastructure Investment Managers (Pty) Ltd (“AIIM”), a 100% owned subsidiary of Old Mutual Alternative Investments (“OMAI”).


what we do


ACED identifies the potential for high-quality renewable energy projects through sophisticated prospecting, securing land rights, and then developing projects into sustainable and bankable assets by way of optimising technical efficiency, conducting rigorous and competitive procurement processes and obtaining the environmental approvals and other permits required to construct the plant.


One of ACED’s key differentiators as a developer is the track record it has shown in taking projects from early development to financial close and the commencement of construction in working with project sponsors and lenders in managing the finalisation of all funding, land, construction and off-take agreements and other development work streams.


ACED is able to offer project sponsors and lenders additional comfort and continuity when delivering a project by providing construction management services for the projects ACED develop or take to financial close. This entails overseeing the implementation of the construction contracts by the contractors and being responsible for managing finance, payments, stakeholder engagement and reporting on behalf of project owners.


Project locations